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Company Information
Intec Automation, Inc. Manufactures Custom Industrial Automated Machinery & Production Systems
Equipment Type
Automated Assembly Equipment; Automation Equipment and Systems
Automation Equipment
Part Fabrication Equipment; Linear Motor Integration; Marking Equipment; Pick and Place Equipment; Robotics; Testing Equipment; Tooling Systems; Vision Inspection; Web Handling/Converting
Automated Assembly Equipment
Assembly Press; Brazing and Soldering; Carousel Systems; Clinching/Stitchfolding; Eyeletting Equipment; Injected Metal (IMA); Inline Indexing; Insert Drivers; Multi-station; Automatic Insertion; Impact Riveting; Nonimpact Riveting; Rotary/Dial; Continuous Motion; Screwdriving/Nutdriving; Seal/O-ring Installation; Welding; High Speed Assembly; Flexible Assembly; Cleanroom Application; Custom Equipment Design; Tape Application, Adhesive Dispensing, End of Arm Tooling; Nonsynchronous; Synchronous
Industries Served
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