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The ABUS compact sounder can be mounted inside and outside your building. The alarm siren with LED flash technology is a combination signalling device and a Crucial link of a fully functioning alarm chain. On alarm, the siren generates a loud signal with more than 100 dB SPL (Sound Pressure Level). The duration of the alarm (3 min or 5 min) is programmable. In addition to the audible alarm is a visual alarm by a coloured, visible to a distant flash (flash frequency: 1 Hz). The alarm sounder and the flash light can be controlled separately
Rugged, weatherproof outdoor siren. Polycarbonate housing. SPL of 100 dB (A) at 1 m. Adjustable siren time and siren shelf. LED flash technology. Flashlight mounted up or down. Protection: IP43
Product Type = Sounder, Strobe
Strobe Colour = Blue
Case Colour = White
Depth = 75 mm
Height = 277 mm
Width = 210mm


Product Category
Warning Lights
Visual Indicators
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