Guided Wave, Inc. Datasheets for Photometers

Photometers produce electrical signals, which correspond to radiant flux energy, for a series of discrete wavelength intervals. They are used to measure wavelengths of light spectra and optical or atomic emissions.
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Product Name Notes
Can be operated remotely over an etherlink network with VirtualView Remote
Can measure 2 sample probes simultaneously, separate reference for each
Complete analyzer system, real-time measurements, true multiplexing
Continuous reading of percent level water, large LCD, compact, low cost
Fiber optic probes, multiple gain settings, attaches to top of thermowell
Integrated analyzer system for on-line monitoring in the refinery
Measures 6 wavelengths simultaneously at 8 points
No moving parts, ideal for safe, remote analysis, low cost/maintenance
Rapid data collection, full spectrum scanning, multi-channel design