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Rugged durability, with broad heat and pressure capabilities, are Hallmarks of The LS-1700 series of Gems sensors Compact Switches. Perfect for shallow tanks, restricted spaces or high volume use. Each switch offers broad chemical compatibility for general purpose use. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.
LS-1750 - Rugged construction suitable for most corrosive liquids, high temperatures and pressures. Stainless steel is recognised as a safe and sturdy material for food contact regulations. LS-1700FTE - A medium-size solution for ultra-pure liquid level sensing. Made of corrosion resistant PTFE for low particle generation. LS-1900TFE â€" Resists a build-up of foreign material or sticky media. Float travel remains uninhibited in viscous or corrosive liquids.
Device Type = Float
Mounting Type = Vertical
Switch Output = SPDT NO
Body Material = PTFE-
Cable Length = 24in
Minimum Operating Temperature = -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +148.9°C
Maximum Pressure = 30psi
Standards Met = CE
Series = LS-1900TFE


Gems Sensors & Controls
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Level Sensors
Maximum Operating Pressure
30 psi (21.11 m H2O)
Meter Technology Type
Mounting Options
Operating Temp
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