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Adjustable Float Switches

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Up to four encapsulated magnetic sensor elements can be placed in any position at 10 mm intervals in the immersion tube of BERNSTEIN adjustable float switches. Thanks to their extremely user-friendly design, each of these universally used devices can replace several conventional switches. Instead of keeping a large assortment of different switches in stock, the user requires only one single device. The NC or NO contact switching function can be easily adapted to specific operating conditions.

Product advantages:

  • Large range of float switches for a host of applications
  • Switching modules freely positioned on hole strip
  • Freely selectable configuration of material, float and connection head
  • PVC and stainless steel versions
  • Immersion tube lengths up to 1 m
  • Cable connection with flange enclosure
  • Switching points set to customer specification

Design layout:

  • Switching power depending on type of contact 60 VA / 250 VA
  • NC contact/NO contact/changeover contact
  • Immersion tube Ø 18 mm
  • Flange enclosure or R1,5/R2,0“
  • Versions with gush water protection


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