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Miniature Float Switches

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To ensure smooth running operating processes, in many devices and industrial systems it is necessary to monitor product level in the most confined spaces. These miniature float switches have been specially developed for small tanks / reservoirs as used in the automotive industry, drinks vending machines, air conditioning systems etc. The NC / NO contact switching function in many miniature switches can be selected by simply turning the float by 180°. This type of miniature float switch is also available with individual lengths of immersion tube.

Product advantages:

  • Large range of float switches for a host of applications
  • Freely selectable configuration of material, float and connection head
  • Plastic, brass and stainless steel versions
  • Immersion tube lengths up to 1 m
  • Cable or connector

Design layout:

  • Switching power depending on type of contact 3 VA / 10 VA
  • NC contact/NO contact/changeover contact
  • Immersion tube Ø 8 mm
  • Switching points of specification


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