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Digital Readout -- Orbit® ACS Series

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Digital Readout -- Orbit® ACS Series-Image
  • Integral Readout with color LCD Screen and keypad
  • Set tolerance and process limits via keypad
  • Detachable probe plug on housing for easy installation
  • Replace probe with no calibration or reprogramming
  • Modbus output (RTU) over RS485 or RS232
  • Programmable discrete I/O (4 inputs, 3 outputs)
  • Multiple formulas available for SI200 (A+B, A-B, etc)
  • Available with all Solartron transducers and lasers
  • 24 VDC Power Supply

Orbit® ACS is a specific range of products which integrate contact and non contact linear measurement transducers with an electronics module that includes an integral display. These products are excellent for a small number of measuring points, are stand alone (i.e. do not require PSIMS or Orbit ® Controllers) and have an integral Modbus and ASCII interface plus flexible discrete I/O.

Product Category
Form Gages and Form Gaging Systems
Measurement Capability
Form Parameters
Roundness (optional feature)
Contact / Stylus
Bearings, Gears, Shafting, Seals, etc.

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