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Mini Single Leaf Flexure Form Gauge -- DUSM Series

Mini Single Leaf Flexure Form Gauge -- DUSM Series -- View Larger Image
Mini Single Leaf Flexure Form Gauge -- DUSM Series-Image
  • Accuracy better than 1 µm
  • Excellent Repeatability <0.5 µm
  • Measurement range 0.5 mm
  • IP68 Sealing
  • Multiple Tip Configurations
  • Robust design in compact package

The Miniature Single Leaf Flexure is another variant of flexure based contact probes. The miniature single leaf flexure has a calibrated range of 0 – 500 microns and provides the means for alternative configurations of contact tip mounting.

The gauge body mounting to the fixture is accomplished using a single M2.5 screw. Contact tip mounting is attached by using either the integral M3 locking thread insert, primarily intended for use with length extensions, OEM’s fixed length contact tips or with Solartron’s tip adapter, which when applied with Solartron’s dedicated tip allows for 1 mm of height adjustment. OEM tips may be fitted to either option, but it is advised that the height be limited to a maximum of 6 mm above the gauge top surface, to avoid significantly prejudicing gauge life and repeatability. Mid adjustment range is the reference point for the calibration using the standard tip.

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