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Scanning Probe -- Revo® RSP2

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Scanning Probe -- Revo® RSP2-Image

The RSP2 has a universal body to which a number of different length stylus holders, with a minimum reach of 175mm and a maximum reach of 500mm, can be fitted.

The RSP works by using an enclosed laser that is directed onto a reflector at the stylus tip. As the stylus touches the part and bends the reflector is displaced. The altered return path of the laser is then sensed by a PSD. The exact tip position of the stylus is known because the reflector and stylus ball are close together. Stylus wear is minimised by the low scanning forces that are required.

The type of styli that can be used with RSP2 are limited through UCCServer to ensure that acceptable metrology performance is achieved. More information on stylus carrying of RSP2.


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