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Precision Touch Trigger Probe -- TP200B

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Precision Touch Trigger Probe -- TP200B-Image
  • Strain-gauge technology offers excellent repeatability and precision 3D form measurement.
  • Zero reseat errors.
  • No lobing effect.
  • 6-way measuring capability
  • Stylus reach of up to 100 mm (GF styli)
  • Rapid probe module changing without the need to re-qualify the stylus tips
  • Life of >10 million triggers

The TP200 probe uses micro strain gauge transducers to deliver excellent repeatability and accurate 3D form measurement even with long styli.

The sensor technology gives sub-micron repeatability and eliminates the lobing characteristics encountered with kinematic probes. The solid state ASIC electronics within the probe ensure reliable operation over millions of trigger points.

The TP200B uses the same technology as TP200 but has been designed to have higher tolerance to vibration. This helps to overcome the problem of 'air' trigger generation which can arise from vibrations transmitted through the CMM or when using long styli with faster positioning speeds.

Please note that we do not recommend the use of TP200B with the LF module or cranked/star styli.

Product Category
CMM Probes
Probe Type
Vertical; M8 Thread
+X; -X; +Y; -Y; +Z
Operating Parameters
181 µm (7.14 mils)
Stylus Force
0 to 2 gr (5.55E-7 to 0.0719 oz)

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