CMM Probes from Renishaw

Motorised Indexing Heads -- PH10T

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Motorised Indexing Heads -- PH10T-Image

Motorised indexing heads allow flexible and repeatable probe re-orientation.

The range comprises three PH10 models, each of which can carry a range of probes and extensions and can be orientated in 720 repeatable positions, giving access to the most difficult-to-reach workpiece features.

In May 2009 Renishaw introduced a series of design enhancements for its range of PH10 motorised heads, resulting in a 20% improvement in repeatability and increased long term stability.

All three variants of the new PH10 heads are now supplied with a revised repeatability specification, down from 0.5 µm (2σ) to just 0.4 µm (2σ) (specified at a distance of 62 mm), giving users improved positioning at the stylus tip. The new specification heads are physically differentiated by a new ‘aqua blast’ finish which gives a modern, matt black appearance.


Product Category
CMM Probes
Probe Type
Touch-Trigger; Displacement
Multiwired Autojoint
227 µm (8.93 mils)
Sensor Type