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Si-PIN X-ray Detector -- XPIN® BT Series

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Si-PIN X-ray Detector -- XPIN® BT Series-Image

The XPIN® detector is Moxtek’s best performing Si-PIN detector. XPIN detectors use a silicon PIN diode, multi-layer collimator, and thin DuraBeryllium® window, achieving great resolution and x-ray sensitivity. The XPIN preamp provides a low-noise signal output to an analog or digital pulse shaping amplifier. The XPIN-BT package is ideal for benchtop and portable applications requiring simple mounting, automatic temperature control, and metal shielding.


  • Si-PIN diode
  • Small, compact design
  • Two-stage thermoelectric cooler
  • Stable resolution
  • Thin DuraBeryllium windows
  • Wide ambient temperature range
  • Multi-layer collimator
  • Internal Temperature Control


  • Low cost
  • Close coupling between detector and source, portable
  • Fast cooling without liquid nitrogen
  • Minimal calibration maintenance
  • Light-element identification, corrosion resistant
  • Industrial applications
  • Minimal stray peaks
  • No external temperature control required


Product Category
Radiation Detectors
Detector Style
Detector Sensing Element Only; Portable Detector
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