Maxim Integrated Datasheets for Microprocessor Chips (MPU)

Microprocessor chips (MPU) are silicon devices that serve as the central processing unit (CPU) in computers. They contain thousands of electronic components and use a collection of machine instructions to perform mathematical operations and move data from one memory location to another.
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Product Name Notes
DeepCover Ultra-Low Power Magnetic Card Reader Security Microprocessor -- MAXQ1744 DeepCover Secure Microcontroller for Magnetic Card Reading
Secure Microprocessor Chip -- DS5002
Secure Microprocessor Chip -- DS5002FP
The DS5002FP secure microprocessor chip is a secure version of the DS5001FP 128k soft microprocessor chip. In addition to the memory and I/O enhancements of the DS5001FP, the secure microprocessor...
Secure Microprocessor Chip -- DS5003 The DS5003 secure microprocessor incorporates sophisticated security features including an array of mechanisms that are designed to resist all levels of threat, including observation, analysis, and physical attack. As a...
Dual CAN High-Speed Microprocessor -- DS80C390 The DS80C390 is a fast 8051-compatible microprocessor with dual CAN 2.0B controllers. The redesigned processor core executes 8051 instructions up to 3X faster than the original for the same crystal...