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Analog Devices’ ADSP-BF52xC range of processors are members of the Blackfin® family of products. Incorporating Analog Devices/Intel Micro Signal Architecture (MSA), Blackfin® processors combine a dual-MAC signal processing engine, an orthogonal RISC-like microprocessor instruction set with single instruction, and multiple data (SIMD) multimedia capabilities into a single instruction-set architecture. They are completely code compatible with all other Blackfin® processors. In addition the ADSP-BF52xC range of processors add a low power, high quality stereo audio codec for portable digital applications. Included is one set of stereo programmable gain amplifier (PGA) line inputs and one monaural microphone input. There are two 24-bit analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) and two 24-bit digital-to-analogue (DAC) converter channels.
Maximum Frequency = 600MHz
Series = Blackfin
Device Million Instructions per Second = 600MIPS
Data Bus Width = 32bit
RAM Size = 128 Mbit
Instruction Set Architecture = RISC, Super Harvard
Program Memory Size = 132 kB
Program Memory Type = EEPROM, Flash
Numeric and Arithmetic Format = MAC
Mounting Type = Surface Mount


Analog Devices, Inc.
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Digital Signal Processors (DSP)
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