Allied Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Pushwheel Switches

Pushwheel switches are rotary switches that operate using a rolling wheel. They are also known as thumbwheel switches.
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Product Name Notes
Economical Thumbwheel Switch with Space-Saving Mount Cost Effectiveness and Improved Reliability Achieved Through Insert-Molding and Fewer Component Parts Mounting Space Reduced to 85% of That of Conventional Switches to Save...
Reliable Thumbwheel Switches Dustproof Construction Ensures Highly Reliable Performance at Low Voltage and Very Small Current Even Under Adverse Environmental Conditions Plus and Minus Pushbuttons for Positive Forward and Reverse...
3 Series Thumbwheel Switches, 10^9 Ohms (Min.) Insulation Resistance Multisection switches can be made by ordering number of sections desired and accessories such as end plates and blank sections. Description.
Miniature Pushwheel Switches, 50 mV to 28 VDC, 10^9 Ohms (Min.) Insulation Resistance Rating: Carry — 1 A continuous. Switch: 100 mA max. Operating Voltage: 50 mV to 28 VDC.
Pushwheel Switch, 20 VDC Voltage Rating, 0.4 VA @ 20 VDC⁄VAC Power Rating Simple and reliable Gold clad wiping contacts provide dependable low-level operation and extended life expectancy. snap-together modular...
Switch, Thumbwheel, BCD 1-2-4-8, Gloss,10 No of POS
Thumbwheel Switches, ABS Plastic Housing Material Most complete product offering in the industry Spacers available to fit most panel cutouts Front or rear mounting options Illuminated models available