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Drawing and decorating on smooth surfaces has never been easier when using edding paint markers. This gloss paint marker is the fine-nibbed counterpart to the edding 750, which is the ideal tool for larger areas. With the marker’s soft nib you can create detailed inscriptions and decorations on glass surfaces, Christmas tree baubles, biscuit tins or storage boxes. Its opaque ink provides good coverage and is perfectly durable
Stroke width: 1 - 2 mm. Nib: bullet nib. Available in 14 different colours
. Activate: shake the pen firmly with the cap closed. Open and place the nib on a piece of scrap paper and carefully pump it up and down
. Ink: water-based pigment ink
Paint Colour = Red
Compatible Materials = Glass, Metal, Plastic, Wood
Point Thickness = 1 - 2mm
Tip Size = Fine
High Temperature = Yes

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