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NDE Professionals, Inc., incorporated in Oregon in 1991, specializes in providing nondestructive testing and quality consulting to the Commercial Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Maritime, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Semiconductor and Transportation industries.

NDE Professionals, Inc. is pleased to offer Computed Radiography (CR) Testing Services now available at our facility. Whether you have parts, WPS qualifications, PQR's, welder qualifications, castings, and forensics or need some CR training we are now available to assist you with your radiography needs.

Over 7,400 square feet of office, training, and laboratory space.
Quality System
NPI quality program meets the requirements of NQA-1 and IEC/ISO-17025.

Company Information
NDE Professionals, Inc. employs certified NDE personnel servicing a wide variety of industries. Their state of the art equipment and qualified personnel insure that your products will meet customer expectations.

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