Avure Technologies, Inc. Datasheets for Isostatic Presses

Isostatic presses are used for compressing powdered materials into shaped pre-forms or general products. There are two main types of isostatic presses; cold isostatic presses (CIP) that function at room temperature and hot isostatic presses (HIP) that function at elevated temperatures.
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Product Name Notes
High Pressure Laminating Press -- IL1111. 533-SS
High Pressure Laminating Press -- IL111833-SS
High Pressure Laminating Press -- IL153633-SS
Laboratory Laminating Press -- LIL71010-SS
Laboratory Laminating Press -- LIL81005-SS
Laminating Press -- IL10.52008-SS
Laminating Press -- IL102010-SS
Laminating Press -- IL11.52006-SS
Laminating Press -- IL112007-SS
Laminating Press -- IL122005-SS
Laminating Press -- IL122010-SS
Laminating Press -- IL142005-SS
Laminating Press -- IL182405-SS
Laminating Press -- IL202405-SS
Even with its overwhelming productivity advantages, the Avure isostatic laminator produces finished modules with virtually flawless quality: * Evenly distributed lamination pressure prevents package distortion * Shrinkage is precisely controlled,...
Pilot Plant CIP -- CP123633
Pilot Plant CIP -- CP146325
Pilot Plant CIP -- CP163818
Pilot Plant CIP -- CP62466
Pilot Plant CIP -- CP83666
Pilot Plant CIP -- CP92433
Fully automated for production efficiency, these presses feature a safe, reliable and easy-to-operate threadless pin closure style pressure vessel. The touch of a button activates the entry and removal of...
Laboratory / Research Scale CIP -- CIP22260
Laboratory / Research Scale CIP -- CIP32260
Laboratory / Research Scale CIP -- CIP32330
Laboratory / Research Scale CIP -- CIP4.52230
Laboratory / Research Scale CIP -- CIP42260
Laboratory / Research Scale CIP -- CIP62330
Housed in a single, compact cabinet that can literally roll into your facility, Avure's line of small research CIPs feature safe, easy operation and reliable threadless pin closure style pressure...
High-Tonnage Ram Diamond Press One factor common to the entire Avure product line is our unique ability to handle extremely high pressures reliably and safely. This expertise was originally acquired by the successful production...
Mini-HIPper® Hot Isostatic Press -- MIH-3
Mini-HIPper® Hot Isostatic Press -- QIH-15
Mini-HIPper® Hot Isostatic Press -- QIH-15L
Mini-HIPper® Hot Isostatic Press -- QIH-21
Mini-HIPper® Hot Isostatic Press -- QIH-9
These compact, self-contained Mini-HIPpers are designed for HIP research and feasibility studies. The pressure vessel, frame, electrohydraulic pump and all other sub-systems are housed in a single, space-saving cabinet.