Kaman Precision Products Datasheets for Inductive Linear Position Sensors and Switches

Inductive linear position sensors and switches are noncontact devices that determine an object's coordinates (linear or angular) with respect to a reference.
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Product Name Notes
Modular Rack-Mount Multichannel Noncontact Position Sensor -- KDM-8206 Modular rack-mounted multi-channel position sensing system >Modularized rack format >Standard 3U by 7T Eurocard modules >Resolution to 10 micro inches or better >Multiple channels, rack mounted or bench-top enclosures >21...
Noncontact Linear Position / Displacement Sensor -- digiVIT The Most Advanced Digital Variable Impedance Transducer for Noncontact Linear Position / Displacement / Proximity Sensing > Self tuning bridge, will perform with nearly any sensor, any conductive target >