Unitron Ltd. Datasheets for Optical and Light Microscopes

Optical and light microscopes use the visible or near-visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to magnify images of objects.
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Product Name Notes
25 x 25 mm stage, in-base inverter transformer with intensity controls
45° incline head, ball bearing stage, rack and pinion substage
50 x 50 mm stage, in-base inverter transformer with intensity controls
Advanced student auto-illumination biological microscope
Basic student stereo microscope
Compact and feather weight, for morphological purposes
Compact high precision microscope for 3 dimensional measurement
Economically priced macrozoom video inspection station
For brightfield, darkfield, interference contrast and polarization
For examination of small through-holes
For inspection of precision parts, tools and miniature parts
Modern inverted design with built in base transformer
Modern, reasonably priced for metallurgical and materials sciences
Multi system reasonably priced upright microscope
Non-contact 3 dimension measuring system
Non-contact measuring, utilizes vickers instruments
Optional eyepieces 10x, 15x, and 20x, auxiliary lens from 0.5x-2x
Optional eyepieces 10x, 15x, and 20x, lens attachments from 0.5x-2x
Portable depth measuring
Provided with achromatic objectives, widefield eyepieces, Abbe condenser
Reasonably priced, inclined monocular, compact metal construction
Reasonably priced, portable, easy to use, student proof
Versatile instruments to meet the standards of the well equipped laboratory