Product and Component Testing Services

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Company Information
ITL provides a wide range of product and component testing services, analytical characterization, R&D projects and development of new technological processes to regional, national and international clients.
Consulting / Training; Failure Analysis; Comparisons; Engineering Verification; Evaluation and Analysis; Test Fixture or Equipment Design; In-Process or In-Line Capability; Panel / Sample Prep; R&D; Testing; Witness or/ Review; Space Environment Simulators
Forms Tested
Products or Devices; Components or Parts; Samples or Materials
Abrasion or Wear; Aging; Color / Appearance; Chemical; Metrology; Flow; Electrical; Leak or Seal Testing; NDT / Inspection; Optical; Performance Testing; Physical Properties; StressScreen / HASS; UV Exposure (Weathering / Solar Radiation); Combined Environments or Tests
Test / Certify To
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