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USB to USB Vista Easy Transfer Cable

One of the most challenging experiences users have after purchasing a new computer is transferring their personal files, email, data files, media, and settings from their old computer to the new machine. This process can be so complex, time consuming, and daunting that people frequently request help from friends or relatives, and some never succeed in getting all their important data onto the new computer.
Microsoft Windows Vista significantly simplifies this important process and makes transferring personal data easy and intuitive for mainstream computer users.
Windows Easy Transfer is a wizard that helps you transfer the data that is important to you, including:

  1. User accounts
  2. Files and folders
  3. Program data files and settings
  4. Email messages, settings, and contacts
  5. Photos, music, and videos
  6. Windows settings
  7. Internet settings

Programs (applications) are not transferred.
You can easily transfer your entire user account or all user accounts on the computer, or you can make custom selections of the data and folders to transfer. Windows Easy Transfer provides a number of ways for you to connect two computers to transfer your data. These include:
USB Easy Transfer cable. This is a special USB cable that is designed to work with Windows Vista and Windows Easy Transfer. You simply install a small piece of software on your Windows XP computer and then plug the cable into both computers. Windows Easy Transfer launches automatically and guides you through the transfer process. This is the easiest and fastest method and is recommended if you don’t have a network.
Windows Easy Transfer enables users to transfer their data to Windows Vista–based computers from computers running Windows XP, or Windows Vista.