Tripp Lite Datasheets for SCSI Cables

SCSI cables are used for high-speed bus connections between small computers and intelligent peripherals such as hard disks, printers, and optical disks.
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Product Name Notes
SCSI Ultra2/160/U320 LVD Cable (VHDCI68 to HD68 M/M), 3-ft. -- S455-003
SCSI Ultra2/U160/U320 LVD Cable (VHDCI to HD68 M/M), 6-ft. -- S455-006
SCSI Ultra2/U160/U320 LVD Cable (VHDCI toHD68 M/M), 10-ft. -- S455-010
Moving your network into the next phase of SCSI solutions? Look no further than Tripp Lite's brand of SCSI U320/U160 cables. Supports all legacy transfer rates including Ultra 320 .