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A 4 pair 23AWG solid bare copper conductor insulated in polyolefin, designed for supporting Giga bit Ethernet applications and beyond.
Features and Benefits. ·Millennium CAT6 Plus 550 cable with cross filler +PSACR @ 550MHz delivers high bandwidth performance . ·Allows for the development of further Class E protocols. ·Addresses all the new electrical requirements for full duplex transmission mode including FEXT and balance requirements. ·Excellent for multimedia transmission. ·Cat 6 performance achieved when installed in conjunction with Brand Rex Millennium components
Shield Type = F/UTP
Length = 500m
Sheath Colour = Purple
Conductor Strand Type = Solid
Outer Sheath Material = LSZH
American Wire Gauge = 23 AWG
Number of Strands = 1
Core Strands = 1/23
Outer Diameter = 7.35mm
Size of Strands = 23 AWG

Brand-Rex Ltd.
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Network Cables
Cable Type
Cat 6
Cable Performance
Cable Length
1640 ft (5000 dm)

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