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U/UTP unshielded cable for creating patch cords. It forms an extension of a high-speed VDI (Voice - Data - Image) network and is an essential element in a Class D connection chain. This cable is used for transmission of digital and analogue signals for voice, data transmission and video connections. This cable supports all applications of current network standards IEEE802.3, IEEE802.5 and IEEE802.12 (Ethernet, Token Ring, TP-PMD). It is also able to handle ATM 622 Mps applications. Core: multi-strand AWG26 red copper. Insulation: PE. External sheath: PVC. Operating temperature: -20 °C â†' +70 °C
Length = 100m
Shield Type = U/UTP
Sheath Colour = Grey
Conductor Strand Type = Stranded
Outer Sheath Material = PVC
American Wire Gauge = 26 AWG
Outer Diameter = 5.4mm
Cable Shape = Multicore
Cross Sectional Area = 13 mm²


Product Category
Network Cables
Cable Type
Cat 5
Cable Length
328 ft (1000 dm)
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