Ion Selective Electrodes from Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc.

S10 Series Specific Ion (pIon) Sensor -- 2005062

S10 Series Specific Ion (pIon) Sensor -- 2005062 -- View Larger Image
S10 Series Specific Ion (pIon) Sensor -- 2005062-Image

The ECD sensor family consists of two Universal Sensor Designs, the Model S10, an immersion or insertion sensor and the Model S17 a valve retractable sensor. The fully rebuildable S10 and S17 sensors have a rugged 316 stainless steel body that includes a sensing element, a temperature module and a signal conditioner for the process variable with cabling. Measurement cartridges for pH, ORP, Specific Ion, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Resistivity are available. The S10/S17 built-in electronic signal conditioner minimizes the influence of extraneous noise allowing the sensor to be located hundreds of feet from the instrument. Housings are available in 316 Stainless Steel (standard), Titanium, Hastelloy, Polypropylene,or PVDF and also in op6onal custom lengths.

Product Category
Ion Selective Electrodes
Electrode Type
Performance Specifications
ISE Concentration Range
1 to 80000 ppm
pH Range
2 to 12 pH
Mounting Options
In-Line (Insertion); 3/4" MNPT Compression

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Maximum Diameter / Width
Maximum Length
Sample Type
Operating Temperature Range
Operating Pressure Range