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Cable -- 7078-MTC-20

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The 7078-MTC-20 is a cable from Keithley.

Additional Features:

  • Mass Terminated Assembly
  • Twisted pair (12)
  • 38-pin connector to 38-pin connector
  • 6.1m, 20ft.
  • For use with: 7071, 7071-4, 7074-D

The Keithley 7078-MTC-20 is a 6.1m (20 ft) mass terminated cable for connection to column inputs (7071 and 7071-4). Also used for matrix expansion (7071, 7071-4, or 7074). The cable has 12 sets of shielded twisted pair wires for isolation of critical circuits and noise rejection in the system. The cable is terminated at each end in a 38-pin connector block with strain relief.

The Model 7078-MTC-20 can be used as is or cut in half to make two 10 ft cables.

Keithley Instruments, Inc.
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Cable Assemblies
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