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Cable -- 2600-FIX-TRX

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The 2600-FIX-TRX is a cable from Keithley.

Additional Features:

  • Grounded Phoenix-to-Triax Cable Adapter

The Keithley Instruments Model 2600-FIX-TRX Grounded Phoenix-to-Triax Cable Adapter is a combination dual triax connector and low-noise chassis ground banana plug connector that provides easy connection pathways between the rear-panel terminal blocks of Models 2601/2602/2611/2612 System SourceMeter® instruments (both Series 2600 and 2600A) and Models 8101-4TRX and LR-8028 test fixtures.

The banana jack, which is connected to the chassis through a frequency variable resistor (FVR), can be used as a common signal ground point for input and output LO signals. Figure 2 shows the connector schematic for both the triax connectors and the low-noise chassis ground banana jack.

Proper use of these cable adapters and fixtures together ensures that the source-measure units used to test a device share a common ground connection, yielding accurate measurements.

NOTE: The Model 2600-FIX-TRX should not be used for 4-wire measurements because the sense leads are not connected in these connector assemblies.
For additional connection information, refer to the Series 2600A System SourceMeter® Instruments Reference Manual.

CAUTION: Performance to current leakage specifications depends upon a clean fixture. Avoid contamination that could cause degraded performance and increase current leakages beyond specified limits.

Never use the Series 2600 chassis as a ground point for signal connections; it should only be used as a safety shield. Because high frequencies present on the chassis may result in higher noise, use the low-noise chassis ground banana jack instead. Use the chassis screw for connections to the Series 2600 chassis.

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