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Cable -- 8501-2

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The 8501-2 is a cable from Keithley.

Additional Features:

  • Trigger Link Cable with Male Micro-DIN Connectors at each end, 2m (6.6 ft.)
  • For use with: Trigger Link inputs, 708A (for master/slave control)


  • Terminations: Two each, 8-pin, male, micro DIN
  • Shield: Foil wrap with drain wire
  • Capacitance: <25 pF per foot
  • Maximum Voltage Rating: <42 V peak
  • Maximum Current Rating: <1 A

The Keithley Instruments Model 8501-2 Trigger Link Cable is an 8-conductor cable terminated at each end with an 8-pin micro-DIN connector. The Model 8501-2 connects instruments with micro-DIN trigger ports. It is also compatible with the rear-panel digital I/O port of the 7001, and can be used to connect digital signals between this port and user-supplied external circuitry.

The digital I/O and trigger link receptacles on the Model 7001 both accept the Model 8501-2 cable. Ensure that you connect the cable to the proper receptacle. Do not mix digital I/O and trigger link signals.


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