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RF Standard Cable Assembly -- 1-3636-600-5233

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RF Standard Cable Assembly -- 1-3636-600-5233-Image

SEMI-FLEX® is a unique ALTERNATIVE to the use of semi-rigid coax. A tin filled wire braid outer conductor allows easy flexing and re-bending by hand. A solid copper secondary outer conductor and semi-rigid style core ensure electrical performance comparable to semi-rigid. No significant electrical degradation occurs when SEMI-FLEX® is formed! The cable retains its' shape, making installations simple. The malleable outer jacket virtually eliminates solder joint failures. Specifying Tensolite's high performance anti-torque SMA remarkably extends the cable's useful life. Now you can meet deadline, reduce costs, eliminate tooling, ease design, drafting, purchasing and manufacturing problems all at once with SEMI-FLEX®.


Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
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