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E1 Ethernet Cable, Twisted-Pair, 5 m -- 182219-05

E1 Ethernet Cable, Twisted-Pair, 5 m -- 182219-05 -- View Larger Image
E1 Ethernet Cable, Twisted-Pair, 5 m -- 182219-05-Image

The NI PXIe-6547 is a PXI Express-based 32-channel digital instrument capable of data rates up to 100 Mbps using single data rate or up to 200 Mbps using double data rate (clocking on the rising and falling edge of a 100 MHz (max) clock) . You can programmatically select voltages ranging from 1.2 to 3.3 V in 100 mV steps, giving you 22 distinct voltages to choose from.This instrument features per channel, per cycle (on 24 channels only) direction control. In addition, streaming rates at 400 MB/s to and from the PC make the NI PXIe-6547 ideal for applications requiring high data streaming rates.
The PXIe-6547 features an onboard direct digital synthesis (DDS) clock that you can use to clock your digital data up to 100 MHz with sub-hertz resolution.Also, you can use multiple banks of data delay for rise-time/fall-time tests or for calibrating propogation delays on multiple traces.
The PXIe-6547 features real-time onboard hardware compare on 24 channels at up to 100 MHz allowing you to perform tests requiring real time analysis such as bit error rate.Furthermore, you can use scripting to loop/link through multiple waveforms stored on the onboard memory or make real time decisions based on triggers and events.

Product Category
Cable Assemblies
Instrumentation and Control; LAN / Ethernet; Networking

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