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MAPS™ Automated Analog Terminal (FXO) and Network Port (FXS) Testing -- PTE015

MAPS™ Automated Analog Terminal (FXO) and Network Port (FXS) Testing -- PTE015 -- View Larger Image
MAPS™ Automated Analog Terminal (FXO) and Network Port (FXS) Testing -- PTE015-Image

FXS and FXO are ports used by analog phone lines or phones. A Foreign Exchange Subscriber (FXS) port supplies ring voltage, battery current, dial tone and voice signals. Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) delivers an on-hook/off-hook indication (loop closure), DTMF digits, voice signals, and is usually a phone or fax machine.
The FXO and FXS ports on tProbe™ unit allows to simulate all of the above features. Also, the FXO port on the tProbe™ permits non-intrusive capture and analysis of voice-band signals from a two-wire telephone line. The FXS port on tProbe™ emulates a two-wire FXS service such as a telephone wall jack.
GL's Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) platform is a general purpose protocol emulator tool for various protocols encountered in the telecom space. GL's MAPS™ FXO FXS is one such advanced test tool that supports emulation of functions of Foreign Exchange Subscriber (FXS) by analog phone lines and Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) by phones using the FXO and FXS ports on a tProbe™ unit. MAPS™ provides a facility to place call/answer incoming call on both FXO and FXS ports and automate the entire testing process using scripts.
MAPS™ FXO FXS Emulator includes features to handle different types of traffic like tones, digits (DTMF, MF, MFR2F, MFR2B), voice files, fax, and more. Data width of the traffic being sent/ received over the FXO/FXS ports can be extended up to 16 bits to improve signal to noise performance. Also, GL’s MAPS™ FXO FXS application can be used to simulate CAMA trunks connected to the 911 selective router (SR) and can be configured for non-intrusive monitoring of 911 services. CAMA simulation capabilities include - seize the line, wait for wink, dial ANI, wait for call connect, detect seizure from far side, provide wink, wait for ANI, and connect the call. CAMA monitoring capabilities include - seizure and wink start detection, onhook and offhook detection and MF digit (ANI) detection.
Also refer to Analog Terminal (FXO) and Network Port (FXS) Testing using tProbe™ Client Server webpage for various FXO FXS testing scenarios using client server.

Main Features

  • Script based simulation of 2-Wire Telephone Port (FXO) and Telephone Wall Jack (FXS) for complete automation
  • GUI and CLI based testing of FXO/FXS for automation and remote access
  • Stand-alone testing of FXO/FXS with loopback
  • Supports input and output signals of 8K samples/sec, u-law, A-law, and 16-bit Linear PCM
  • FXO/FXS termination supports for over 70 different termination characteristics (different countries).
  • Functions supported by FXO port
    • 'ON hook' and 'OFF hook' (loop closure)
    • Transmit and Capture Traffic (digits, tones, and voice)
    • 2-Wire Calling/Answering, Caller ID, T1 E1 to 2-Wire FXO Drop or Insert, PC to 2-Wire FXO Drop or Insert
  • Functions supported by FXS port
    • Detection of "ON hook" and "OFF hook" status
    • Ring and Battery Voltage Generation, Dial Tone Generation
    • Transmit and Capture Traffic (digits, tones, and voice)
    • T1 E1 FXS Drop or Insert, PC to 2-Wire FXS Drop or Insert
  • FXO FXS Simulation (both originating and termination calls) of CAMA Type Trunks for 911 Circuits
  • FXO Monitoring of CAMA Type Trunks for 911 Circuits
  • Loud speaker provided to hear the voice being transmitted on FXO/FXS ports.
  • Send/Receive fax image (TIFF format) file over FXO and FXS ports
Digital Signal Formats

FXO/FXS supports following digital signal formats:

  • A-Law: This is the 8-bit codebook format typically used in E1 systems.
  • µ-Law: This is the 8-bit codebook format typically used in T1 systems.
  • 16-bit Linear: This is a 16-bit linear signal. Intel ("little-endian") byte ordering is used. (Currently this feature is supported only by FXO).

  • Testing (simulation, and monitoring) 911, E-911, and NG-911 systems
  • Testing gateways, VoIP ATAs, telephone lines, handsets, VoIP PBX.
  • Voice quality testing, 2wire call automation, Caller ID.
  • Monitoring signaling, voice, and tones on telephone lines non-intrusively.
  • Generation and reception of traffic on 2-wire telephone lines.
  • Provides fault insertion, and erroneous call flows testing capability.
  • Ready scripts make testing procedure simpler, less time consuming and hence time to market products
  • Remote operation of FXO FXS ports over TCP/IP

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