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Hand Portable FXO Calls with VQT, vHandi -- VQT290

Hand Portable FXO Calls with VQT, vHandi -- VQT290 -- View Larger Image
Hand Portable FXO Calls with VQT, vHandi -- VQT290-Image

GL’s vHandi™ is a compact portable hand-held FXO simulator (Foreign Exchange Office) that can simulate an analog phone. The vHandi™ call and voice tests can be completely automated or manually performed. The vHandi™ can work with GL’s VQuad™, Voice Quality Test, and WebViewer™ applications to perform centralized voice quality measurements and analysis.

The vHandi™ comprises of -

  • FXO RJ-11 port
  • Ethernet RJ-45 port
  • USB mini port

The FXO port on the vHandi™ connects to an FXS port performing call and traffic simulation. The vHandi™ supports any FXS port including PSTN, ATA or Gateway. The vHandi™ is powered as well as managed via the USB connection. With an internal SD card, vHandi™ can be used as a mass storage device when plugged into the USB port of the PC.

With the Ethernet port, vHandi™ can be connected to the LAN, or directly to the PC for file transfers as depicted in the figure below. Transfer of recorded voice files from the vHandi™ to the remote PC can be completely automated using vHandi™ Listener and scripting.

Functions Supported by vHandi™

  • Supports manual and automated operations
  • ON hook and OFF hook (loop closure) for place call and answer call
  • Loop Current Drop detection (auto disconnect)
  • Ring Detection for incoming calls
  • Transmit and capture traffic (digits, tones, and voice)
  • Energy Detection for path confirmation or auto script synchronization
  • Manual/Auto transfer recorded files to remote PCs using Ethernet port
  • Speaker provided to hear incoming/outgoing audio from 2-wire established call
  • LED indication for the battery charge level for vHandi™
  • Generates Call Events, Error Event and Traffic Events – automatically sent to the Central System
  • Automate IVR testing and Quality of Service testing
  • Send/Record Voice files to be used in Voice Quality Measurements per ITU-T standards (PESQ, POLQA) using GL Voice Quality Test (VQT) software
  • vHandi™ works directly with GL’s VQuadTM solution for sending/recording voice files over the network.
  • Full IVR test and analysis
  • vHandi™ can be placed anywhere in the network waiting for an incoming call. When an incoming call is detected, vHandi™ will auto answer the call and perform a pre-defined IVR and/or Voice analysis tests prior to disconnecting the call and again waiting for the next incoming call.

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Network Test Equipment
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Network / LAN Analyzer
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