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Scripted MTP2 Simulator -- XX643

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Scripted MTP2 Simulator -- XX643-Image

MTP2 (Message Transfer Part Level 2) protocol operates on layer 2 of OSI. In SS7 network, it is responsible for the reliable transmission of higher layer signal messages over an individual Signaling Link.

GL’s MTP2 Simulator reads higher layer signal messages such as ISUP, and transmits over T1/E1 line. It can be used to simulate MTP2 of the SS7 stack. MTP2 is incompliance according to ANSI, ETSI, and ITU standards.

The Windows Client-Server application of T1/E1 Analyzer includes MTP2 simulator module (Mtp2Sim.dll). It can act as a peer end to test an SS7 stack.

WCS Client applications use “simple commands to invoke MTP2 simulator module on server. Once the MTP2 simulator module is initialized, a task number will be assigned and the client can use further commands to perform additional tasks.

Key Features:

  • Can be used to simulate only MTP2 or both MTP2 and MTP3 layers.
  • Simulation of different protocols and user parts like MTP, ISUP, TUP/IUP, SCCP, TCAP, MAP, SMS, IN, MWI and CCBS simulation are supported.
  • Displays MTP2/MTP3 link status events.
  • Normal and Emergency time alignment is supported.
  • Sends LSSUs, FISU and MSU signal units.
  • MTP2 and MTP3 commands can be sent from a remote client (C++/TCL).
  • Point codes can be configured manually.
  • Supports synchronous or asynchronous transmission of user defined data as ISUP information.
  • ITU / ANSI / ETSI standards are supported.
  • Supported Hardware platforms– Octal/Quad T1/E1 Boards, USB based tProbe™ units, Portable USB based T1/E1 units, and Universal HD T1/E1 Cards.
  • Operating systems supported – Windows® XP or higher.

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