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Portable USB T1 E1 Analyzer -- UTE001

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Portable USB T1 E1 Analyzer -- UTE001-Image

Complex T1 E1 testing just got simpler with GL's new portable USB based T1 E1 analyzer !

GL's new USB based T1 E1 Analyzer is the world's most powerful, compact, full featured, and complete BERT, voiceband, data, signaling, and protocol analyzer on the market.

Increased Performance with 64-bit Support

GL’s T1/E1 analyzers supports both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. 64-bit support improves the performance of Protocol Analysers viz., ISDN, ISUP, GSM and allow users to monitor Hundreds to Thousands of Signalling Links simultaneously and continuously. Also, provides improved processing and response time for Statistics, Call Data Records, Search and other such functions.

Enhanced CCA application allows better processing and response time for multiple instances of CCA applications for long run tests. Similarly, all basic Intrusive and Non Intrusive applications such as BERT, Monitoring Applications, Oscilloscope, Spectral Display etc provide better processing and response time for multiple instances of monitoring and simulations windows.

MAPS™ Protocol Emulators are enhanced to provide improved performance for load generation and simulation of Protocols on 16 T1/E1 ports simultaneously.

Client Server commands support Thousands of Tasks simultaneously with number of successful thread creation. This helps to run Tx Rx File, Tx and Rx Tone and Tx Rx Digits on 24/31 Timeslots * 8 Ports * n (where n is the number of Portable USB T1 E1 Cards)

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Network Test Equipment
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Protocol Analyzer

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