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Dual VF Tx Rx Analog Analyzerwith tProbe™ -- XX605

Dual VF Tx Rx  Analog Analyzerwith tProbe™ -- XX605 -- View Larger Image
Dual VF Tx Rx  Analog Analyzerwith tProbe™ -- XX605-Image

The Dual VF Tx Rx (earlier called as Simplified Audio Client) application is designed exclusively to perform non-intrusive and intrusive VF audio monitoring, VF audio recording, and testing easily. Dual VF Tx Rx provides an alternate & simple GUI similar to the basic applications in T1 E1 Analyzer software to perform analog Tx/Rx functions. SS1 Analyzer and SS1 Dialer applications also have been enhanced to operate in conjunction with the Dual VF Tx Rx and its modules.

Now, Dual VF Tx Rx is available as a part of T1/E1 analyzer basic applications.

Dual VF Tx Rx supports Analog operational mode featuring two VF interfaces per unit, with each VF interface providing independent Tx/Rx functionality.

  • Mode 1: VF1 (Tx/Rx) and VF2 (Tx/Rx)
  • Mode 2: VF Tx and VF Rx

The application supports Spectral displays, which can be observed for both Tx/Rx directions. Analog signal can also be listened using the inbuilt speaker inside the tProbe™ unit or using stereo headphones if the environment is too noisy.

VF monitor and record functions can be performed simultaneously using appropriate modes. The recording is independently and simultaneously made for both directions. The files are recorded in mu-law format for both directions and can later be analyzed using Goldwave software. Only one direction can also be monitored and recorded on the relevant port.

Additional future enhancements of Dual VF Tx Rx include support for SS7 traffic, Ethernet traffic, digital interface support including BERT, noise measuring (gains/ hits/ dropouts), voice/noise capture to file & playback from file, Digits captured to file and other capabilities.

Main Features


  • Supports two independent VF I/O
  • TX and RX simultaneously
  • Full tone/digit generation/detection
  • Multiple cards supported per system - VF Tx/Rx and VF1 / VF2
  • SS1 & DTMF Goldwave Digit record/playback capability
  • SS1 emulator and analyzer capture/record/playback capabilities

Digital (coming soon..)

  • T1 BERT, Fractional Bert, Pulse mask, Jitter Measurement
  • DS0 noise (gains/hits/dropouts), Tone/Freq, Power measuring
  • Voice/noise/digits capture /playback support
  • T1 and DS0 Record/ Playback Goldwave capability
  • SS7 and Ethernet traffic and many more

Product Category
Network Test Equipment
Equipment Type
Protocol Analyzer
Network Protocol
E1; T1