Olympus America, Inc. Datasheets for Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Probes

Nondestructive testing (NDT) probes and sensors include eddy current, ultrasonic, induction, hall effect and EMAT and other specialized transducers.
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Product Name Notes
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- CHC706-RM
Dual Element Transducer -- D703-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D705-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D706-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D708-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D709-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D710-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D711-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D712-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D713-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D714-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D720-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D721-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D771-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D781-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D782-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D783-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D784-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D785-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- DHC703-RM
Dual Element Transducer -- DHC706-RM
Dual Element Transducer -- DHC709-RM
Dual Element Transducer -- DHC711-RM
Dual Element Transducer -- DHC713-RM
Dual Element Transducer -- DHC785-RM
Advantages: Improves near surface resolution Eliminates delay line multiples for high temperature applications Couples well on rough or curved surfaces Reduces direct back-scattering noise in coarse grained or scattering materials...
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C602-RB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C603-RB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C604-RB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C606-RB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C609-RB
Advantages: Provides versatility by offering removable delay line, protective wear cap, and protective membrane When the transducer is used alone (without any of the options), the epoxy wear face provides...
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C302-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C304-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C305-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C306-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C308-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C309-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C310-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C323-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C325-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C326-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C380-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C381-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C382-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C383-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C384-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V301-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V302-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V303-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V304-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V305-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V306-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V307-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V308-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V309-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V310-N-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V310-SM
Immersion Transducer -- V310-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V311-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V312-N-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V312-SM
Immersion Transducer -- V312-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V313-N-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V313-SM
Immersion Transducer -- V313-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V314-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V315-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V316-N-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V316-SM
Immersion Transducer -- V316-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V317-N-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V317-SM
Immersion Transducer -- V317-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V318-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V319-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V320-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V321-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V322-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V323-N-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V323-SM
Immersion Transducer -- V323-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V324-N-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V324-SM
Immersion Transducer -- V324-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V325-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V326-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V327-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V328-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V380-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V381-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V382-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V383-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V384-N-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V384-SM
Immersion Transducer -- V384-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V389-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V392-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V394-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V395-SU
Immersion Transducer -- V397-SU
Advantages: The immersion technique provides a means of uniform coupling Quarter wavelength matching layer increases sound energy output Corrosion resistant 303 stainless steel case with chrome-plated brass connectors Proprietary RF...
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C539-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C540-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C541-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C542-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C543-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C544-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C545-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C546-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C548-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C549-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C550-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C551-SM
Advantages: Three-material design of our Accupath wedges improves signal-to-noise characteristics while providing excellent wear resistance High temperature wedges available for in-service inspection of hot materials Wedges can be customized to...
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C106-RM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C109-RM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C110-RM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C125-RM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C126-RM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C133-RM
Applications: Straight beam flaw detection and thickness gaging Detection and sizing of delaminations Material characterization and sound velocity measurements Inspection of plates, billets, bars, forgings, castings, extrusions, and a wide...
Dual Element Transducer -- D7071
Dual Element Transducer -- D7072
Dual Element Transducer -- D7073
Dual Element Transducer -- D7074
Dual Element Transducer -- D7075
Dual Element Transducer -- D7076
Dual Element Transducer -- D7077
Dual Element Transducer -- D7078
Dual Element Transducer -- D7079
Dual Element Transducer -- D7080
Extended Range Duals Shallow roof angles provide greater sensitivity to deep flaws, back walls, and other reflectors, 0.75" (19 mm) and beyond in steel Can be used for high temperature...
Dual Matrix Array Probe Advantages Ability to transmit and receive longitudinal waves in granular materials. Increased penetration in stainless steel, which includes austenitic, corrosion-resistant alloys, and dissimilar welds. Excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
Angle Beam Probe -- 1.5L16-A4
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L10-A0-SIDE
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L10-A0-TO P
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L128-I2
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L16-A00
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L32-A1
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L32-A10
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L32-PWZ3
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L64-A2
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L64-I1
Angle Beam Probe -- 2.25L128-I3
Angle Beam Probe -- 2.25L16-45LW1
Angle Beam Probe -- 2.25L16-45SW1
Angle Beam Probe -- 2.25L16-A4
Angle Beam Probe -- 2.25L16-AWS1
Angle Beam Probe -- 2.25L32-A5
Angle Beam Probe -- 2L8-DGS1
Angle Beam Probe -- 3.5CC10.2-16-R1
Angle Beam Probe -- 3.5CC25-32-R4
Angle Beam Probe -- 3.5CC50-64-R5
Angle Beam Probe -- 3.5L128-NW3
Angle Beam Probe -- 3.5L16-A3
Angle Beam Probe -- 3.5L24-NW2
Angle Beam Probe -- 3.5L64-NW1
Angle Beam Probe -- 4L16-DGS1
Angle Beam Probe -- 5CC10.2-16-R1
Angle Beam Probe -- 5CC25-32-R4
Angle Beam Probe -- 5CC50-64-R5
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L10-A0-SIDE
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L10-A0-TO P
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L128-I2
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L128-I3
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L128-NW3
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L16-45LW1
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L16-45SW1
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L16-A1
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L16-A10
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L16-A3
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L24-NW2
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L32-A11
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L32-A5
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L32-PWZ3
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L48-PWZ2
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L60-A14
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L60-PWZ1
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L64-A12
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L64-A2
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L64-I1
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L64-NW1
Angle Beam Probe -- 7.5L32-PWZ3
Angle Beam Probe -- 7.5L60-A14
Angle Beam Probe -- 7.5L60-PWZ2
Angle beam probes are used with a wedge to transmit a refracted shear or longitudinal wave into a test piece. Designed for a wide range of applications, they can be...
Bent Shaft Surface Probe Bent shaft surface probes can assist in achieving an ergonomic working position, as well as reaching areas with restricted access. Belonging to the family of detachable stainless-steel shaft surface probes,...
Eddy Current CARTER Super Magnetic Bias Probe CARTER super magnetic bias probes offer an ultradurable construction with hardened steel wear surface for a long life in harsh environments. These probes are designed to suppress permeability noise in...
Conductivity Probe Conductivity probes are designed for sorting non-ferrous metals and determining heat treatment condition or damage. Olympus conductivity probes with Powerlink™ technology are designed to be used with NORTEC 600 series...
Curved Array Probe Curved array probes are made with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel case and are guaranteed waterproof up to 1 m underwater. The acoustic impedance of these probes matches water. They are...
Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer -- E100-SB Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers are single element transducers that employ a magnetostrictive effect to transmit and receive ultrasonic waves.
Mechanical Impedance Analysis (MIA) Probe Features: Ideal for honeycomb composite skin-to-core disbonds. Works well to detect disbonds in crushed core conditions. Sensitive to smaller defects. Allows for easy identification of repaired (potted) areas over disbonds.
Magnetic Flux Leakage Probe -- TFB Series Features Superior high-saturation optimized magnetic design Improved wear resistance and changeable wear rings Ideal for air-cooler tubing (with aluminum fns) and for circumferential crack detection
Immersion Corner Wedges for Curved Array Probe Immersion corner wedges for curved array probes are available in specific radius and angle and also with adjustable radius to fit on various components to be inspected. These wedges are...
Immersion Probe Immersion probes are designed to be used with a water wedge or in an immersion tank when the test part is partially or wholly immersed. They are longitudinal wave probes...
Integrated Wedge and Code Compliant Probe Integrated wedge and code compliant probes combine the probe and the wedge in the same housing, offering the lowest-profile probe-and-wedge combination for contact angle beam inspection. Coupling is always good...
IRIS Ultrasound Transducer -- TUB-254-10M
IRIS Ultrasound Transducer -- TUB-254-15M
IRIS Ultrasound Transducer -- TUB-254-20M
IRIS Ultrasound Transducer -- TUB-381-10M
IRIS Ultrasound Transducer -- TUB-381-15M
IRIS Ultrasound Transducer -- TUB-381-20M
IRIS transducers are focused immersion transducers with an external diameter of 3/8 in. (9.53 mm) and an element diameter of 1/4 in. (6.35 mm). They are available in 3 different...
Manual Bolt Hole Probe Manual bolt hole probes have coils that are positioned at right angles to the probe’s shaft length. The probes are rotated by hand inside the bolt hole with the fastener...
Cables and Adaptors Olympus manufactures high quality cables and adaptors to fit with all eddy current probe models. If you cannot find the cables or the adaptors you need, please contact us.
Gage Dual Transducer -- MTD705 Olympus NDT offers a complete line of dual element and single element transducers for use with its corrosion thickness gages. Most of these transducers feature Automatic Probe Recognition for maximum...
Adapters and Extension Cables Phased array application-specific probes have a range from 0.5 MHz to 18 MHz and may come with 16, 32, 64, or 128 elements. Special probes may have up to hundreds...
Eddy Current Air conditioner Probe TEC/TED - Attached/Detachable The eddy current air conditioner probes offer solid construction for durability. They include a differential bobbin set and a circumferentially sensitive pancake array. They offer better detection...
Eddy Current Titanium Probe TEE/TEF - Attached/Detachable The eddy current titanium probes offer ultimate durability with titanium protective cover for the coils and stainless steel wear guides at front and rear ends. They are...
Eddy Current Flexible Bullet Probe TEG - Attached The eddy current flexible probes offer solid stainless steel construction for durability and titanium protective cover for the coils. They are designed to inspect tight U-bend (as...
Eddy Current High-resolution Probe TEK/TEL - Attached/Detachable The eddy current high-resolution probes are lightweight, but solidly built probes with the coils protected with a plastic sleeve and stainless steel wear guides at front and...
Eddy Current Airgun Probe TER - Detachable The eddy current Airgun probes are extremely lightweight. It is designed to work with the MPP04-01 Airgun probe pusher-puller. It features a grooved design to reduce pushing...
Magnetic Flux Leakage Probe TFB - Attached The magnetic flux leakage probes offer a superior high-saturation optimized magnetic design. Changeable wear rings improve wear resistance. These probes are ideal for air-cooler tubing inspection (with...
Dual Linear Array Probe The Dual Linear Array™ probe for corrosion inspection provides many advantages over conventional ultrasonic dual element transducers. This phased array solution improves productivity through features such as larger beam coverage,...
Eddy Current Bobbin Probe The eddy current bobbin probes are lightweight, economical, but solidly built probes with the coils protected with a plastic sleeve and stainless steel wear guides at front and rear ends.
Flexible Shaft Surface Probe The flexible shaft of these surface probes can be shaped to perform inspections of areas that are very difficult to reach. The small diameter housing and small coils of these...
Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS) Probe The internal rotary inspection system (IRIS) probes are well suited for petrochemical and balance-of-plant (BOP) tube inspections. They use an ultrasonic beam to scan the internal surface of the tube...
All Other Surface Probe The probes available in this section are designed to meet general customer requirements. More probe arrangements are available through our sales department. Custom-designed probes are available and developed in accordance...
Angle Shaft Surface Probe The small coils and high frequency range of these detachable stainless-steel shaft probes make them ideal for the detection of surface breaking cracks. Their angled design enables the inspection of...
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM2R-14X14-45
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM2R-14X14-60
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM2R-14X14-70
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM2R-8X9-45
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM2R-8X9-60
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM2R-8X9-70
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM4R-8X9-45
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM4R-8X9-60
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM4R-8X9-70
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM5R-14X14-45
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM5R-14X14-60
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM5R-14X14-70
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM6R-3X4-45
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM6R-3X4-60
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM6R-3X4-70
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- DL2R-11
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- DL2R-7X18
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- DL2R-7X18-0
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- DL4R-3.5X10
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- DL4R-6X20
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- DL4R-6X20-0
Transducers are available in metric unit element diameters and common frequencies, such as 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 MHz.
Eddy Current Array Tube Probe TXE - Attached The new TXE probe series is the best at detecting circumferential cracks, particularly those located at the edge of supports or tube sheets. The output display is...
Immersion Transducer -- V391-SU V391-SU Larger element diameter increases near field length
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C401-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C402-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C403-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C404-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C405-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C406-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C407-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C408-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C409-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C411-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C412-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C415-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C430-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C431-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C432-SB
Large element size allows for inspection of thicker components and provides a large scanning index Transducers available in Accuscan-S, Centrascan, and Videoscan Series Accupath and High Temperature style wedges available...

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