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RS electric far infrared panel heaters are up to 50% cheaper to purchase than conventional heating systems and up to 70% cheaper to run. They convert 100% of the energy consumed into comfortable warmth, heating quickly and accurately without any plumbing, ongoing servicing or maintenance costs. Far infrared penetrates the air and heats people, objects and the fabric of the building much like sunlight or an open fire. Radiatively heated objects retain heat longer and re-radiate their warmth back into the room creating better all-round thermal comfort. Your property will not only be warmer and cosier but IR heating also prevents the unpleasant dry breeze and dust disturbance of convection heating. Asthma and allergy sufferers will benefit from fewer pollutants suspended in the air. IR heating evolves less humidity and therefore a lower risk of mould formation and mildew. Far-Infrared at the point of use is a 100% natural form of heat compatible with our bodies and our wellbeing.
Available in a selection of sizes and heat outputs. Wall or floor mountable. Silent operation. Heating element: carbon-nickel with nano silver and nano copper technology. Front face: white powder coated metallic surface. Rear face: aluminium sheet with pro�les for mounting. Cable: 3 m power cable (European plug type CEE 7/4 �tted). Five integrated temperature sensors provide safety from overheating. Frame: white powder coated aluminium frame. Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
Heat Type = Infrared
Maximum Output Power = 400W
Mounting = Ceiling Mounted, Wall Mounted
Height = 600mm
Width = 600mm
Depth = 22mm
Dimensions = 600 x 600mm
Plug Type = Type C - European Plug
Noise Level = Silent
Frequency = 50Hz

Product Category
Industrial Heaters
Heater Type
Air Heater; Radiant Heater; RoomSpace
Heating Capacity
0.40 kW (1.36 MBH)

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