Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Datasheets for Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Material Testers

Non-destructive testing (NDT) material testers are devices, machines and equipment that are used to determine residual stress, alloy type, hardness, microstructure, elasticity, heat treatment and other material conditions without permanently altering or destroying the material being examined.
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Product Name Notes
Analyzer for Measuring Coating Thickness -- X-Strata920
Microspot XRF Coating and Material Composition Analyzer -- EA6000VX
Microspot XRF Ultra Thin Coating Analyzer -- FT160
Microspot XRF coating thickness and materials analyzers for rapid quality control and validation testing, making it easy to get the right results in seconds. Coating thickness and materials analysis based...
Coating Thickness Analyzer -- FT110A The FT110A helps a broad range of industries ensure plating specifications are met to avoid the risks of inferior performance and the costs associated with scrap or rework. In addition,...
Handheld X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer -- X-MET8000 The smart choice for the rapid sorting of common alloys Our handheld XRF Analyzer, the X-MET8000, delivers the speed and performance required even in the most demanding applications, by using...
Handheld LIBS Metal Identification Analyzer -- Vulcan Expert+
Handheld LIBS Metal Identification Analyzer -- Vulcan Optimum+
Handheld LIBS Metal Identification Analyzer -- Vulcan Smart+
Vulcan is one of the fastest metals analyzers that is built to last. Just squeeze the trigger and one second later the result appears. As it uses Laser Induced Breakdown...