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The easylift® system is based on the “Lego-modular system”. Advantage: There are an infinite number of off the shelf component combinations. This allows you to pick and choose from the most comprehensive product line available. You will have a “plug and play” solution with the shortest lead-time in the industry.

  • standard
  • with scraper (protection if against wood chips or other rough dirt)
  • with covertube, -40°C to 60°C (protection against shocks, scratches and dirt)
  • with neutral labels
  • with valve inside the cylinder(pressure can be adjusted by using depressurizing screw)
  • with special seals for temperatures up to 200° C
  • stainless steel version in 1.4404 (For special ranges of application, for example food industry or in outdoor areas)
  • with increased friction (The high static friction assures that the gas spring can be adjusted in every required position)
  • with lockable cover tube (When the stroke end is reached in push-out direction, the cover tube which is mounted around the piston rod, wedges in the guiding area of the gas spring)


Product Category
Gas Springs
0.3937 to 39.37 inch (10 to 1000 mm)
Maximum Force (P1)
1.57 to 2698 lbs (0.7137 to 1223 kg)
Dampening Method
Absorption / Damping Action
Cylinder Diameter
0.3150 to 2.76 inch (8 to 70 mm)
Rod Diameter
Body Material
Operating Temperature
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