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Lockable Gas Spring -- Type B

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Lockable Gas Spring -- Type B-Image
In this basic type of lockable gas spring, the locking is achieved in gas. The piston travels completely in compressible nitrogen gas. When the valve is closed, this type can be positioned anywhere along the stroke but the locking is elastic. Depending on the amount of force applied, a displacement will take place when locked.

Product Category
Gas Springs
Length & Stroke
0.3937 to 31.5 inch (10 to 800 mm)
Force & Cycle Capacity
Maximum Force (P1)
8.99 to 584 lbs (4.08 to 265 kg)
Dampening Method
Physical Specifications
Cylinder Diameter
0.7480 to 1.57 inch (19 to 40 mm)

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Rod Diameter
Body Material

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