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Lockable Gas Spring -- Type K

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Lockable Gas Spring -- Type K-Image

Rigid locking in pull direction, push-in direction relatively rigid

Here the locking function takes place in an oil chamber which is separated from the gas using a floating piston. If a force is applied on the locked spring in extension direction, because there is only oil between the piston and the guide piece, the locking force remains rigid up to the mechanical strength of the spring. If a force is applied in the compression direction, the spring remains rigid until the force of the pressure on the floating piston is exceeded (locking force).

Product Category
Gas Springs
Length & Stroke
0.3937 to 27.56 inch (10 to 700 mm)
Force & Cycle Capacity
Maximum Force (P1)
8.99 to 584 lbs (4.08 to 265 kg)
Dampening Method
Physical Specifications
Cylinder Diameter
0.7480 to 1.57 inch (19 to 40 mm)

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Rod Diameter
Body Material

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