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Tin-lead-silver soldering alloy with 2.5% colophony flux core. Pb93Sn5Ag2 solder with high melting point. Particularly suitable for use on products subject to high temperatures such as ovens and engines. The silver content of the solder provides stability and cross-linking strength to the soldered joint, therefore preventing embrittlement even under extreme atmospheric conditions. Solidus at 296 °C, liquidus at 301 °C
Wire Diameter = 1mm
Percent Lead = 93%
Product Form = Wire
Melting Point = +296 - +301
Percent Silver = 2%
Percent Tin = 5%
Flux Type = Halide Activated Rosin
Product Weight = 500g
Flux Content Percent = 3.5%


Product Category
Filler Alloys and Consumables
Joining Process / Product Form
Solid wire or rod
Diameter / Thickness
Melting Range
Solder Alloy
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