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Sn62Pb36Ag2 alloy, solder with low melting point. In contrast with other alloys, already solidus at 179 °C â€" useful for repairs to manufactured PCBs. Thanks to careful temperature control, heat damage can be reduced to a minimum. Extraordinary wetting and flow capabilities. Silver content prevents leaching out when welding silver-plated surfaces, as well as preventing brittling, making for significantly more stable welds . Filling weight of 2.5%, HF version 3.5%
Wire Diameter = 0.5mm
Percent Lead = 36%
Product Form = Wire
Melting Point = +183 - +190°C
Percent Silver = 2%
Percent Tin = 62%
Flux Type = Halogen Activated
Product Weight = 250g
Flux Content Percent = 3.5%


Product Category
Filler Alloys and Consumables
Joining Process / Product Form
Solid wire or rod
Diameter / Thickness
Melting Range
Solder Alloy
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