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The electronic solder wire HS10 is a proven and reliable product of Stannol research, which was developed to meet high-quality requirements in industrial electronic production and for quick rework. The solder wire HS10 is efficient by its high activity, which results in quick spread of solder and electrical safe residues. It is a halide activated rosin (colophony) flux. The solder wire HS10 conforms to IEC 61190-1-3 type ROM1
• Solid and dry residues, pin testable,• Fast soldering, high spread speed,• High reliability,• Soldering Wire, SN60Pb40 alloy with a flux core,• Well suited to high-quality works, at low melting temperature,• Solidus at 183°C, liquidus at 188°C,• Flux of 2.5% type 1.1.2B / ROM1
Wire Diameter = 1mm
Model Number = HS10
Percent Lead = 40%
Product Form = Wire
Melting Point = +183°C
Percent Tin = 60%
Flux Type = Halide Activated
Product Weight = 250g
Flux Content Percent = 3.5%


Product Category
Filler Alloys and Consumables
Joining Process / Product Form
Solid wire or rod
Diameter / Thickness
Melting Range
Solder Alloy
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