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Features:. Stylish and functional design. Versatile design for desktop, wall mount and portable applications. Robust construction with strengthening ribs. Easy assembly technique. Four plan sizes in accordance with eurocard-size PCBs, double and extended. Two standard heights, increased by adding side panels. Ergonomic sloping control panel, if also using a side panel, order the infill panel to close the open gap under the sloping control panel. Plastic front and rear panels for identical surface finishes, easy to machine. Clip-in side trims with/without ventilation slots, in case colour or lagoon green, hide the case fixing screws, other colours on request. Four screw-on non-slip feet included. Optional wall mounting with wall mounting brackets. Versions with handle, for portable applications, if necessary, the adjustment mechanism allows the user to set a practical angle, in increments of 30 degrees. Internal screw pillars for PCBs and components
Body Material = ABS
External Length = 290 mm
External Width = 200 mm
External Height = 124 mm
External Dimensions = 290 x 200 x 124mm
Colour = Off-White
IP Rating = IP40
Series = MEDITEC
Ventilated = Yes
Weight = 990g

OKW Enclosures, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Industrial Containers

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