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RS Pro Statfree ESD ultra clear dissipative bags are used for packaging ESD and sensitive items in an ESD protected area. The bags are ultra-clear and provide you the ability to see the contents and review any information contained within the bag. The dissipative bags protect any contents reducing the risk of damage and have a polyester construction. The bags include a low charging zipper are puncture resistant to 14 lbs and are free from amines, N-octanoic acid, silicones and heavy metals.
Material Properties = Puncture Resistant, Static Dissipative
Colour = Transparent
Closure Type = Zipper
Quantity Per Package = 100Each
Height = 125 mm
Dissipative = Yes
Width = 75mm
Conductive = Yes
Anti-Static = Yes
Static Shielding = Yes


Product Category
Industrial Containers
4.92 inch (125 mm)
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