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The Peli Air 1605 range are the lightest premium Protective Cases on the planet, Up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases. Constructed with super-light proprietary HPX² high performance resin for a lightweight, watertight case which is virtually indestructible. Also the range features an Automatic Purge Valve that keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure.
Material = PP
Internal Height = 212.9 mm
Internal Width = 660.4 mm
Internal Depth = 355.6mm
Internal Dimensions = 212.9 x 660.4 x 355.6mm
External Height = 231.6 mm
External Width = 733.3 mm
External Depth = 426mm
External Dimensions = 231.6 x 733.3 x 426mm
Foam = Yes


Product Category
Industrial Containers
Polypropylene (PP); PP
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