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Lab Split-O-Matic, (8) 4", 45 degree Chutes, 3 Stages, 3 Cu. Ft. Hopper -- SM-3L

Lab Split-O-Matic, (8) 4", 45 degree Chutes, 3 Stages, 3 Cu. Ft. Hopper -- SM-3L -- View Larger Image
Lab Split-O-Matic, (8) 4", 45 degree Chutes, 3 Stages, 3 Cu. Ft. Hopper -- SM-3L-Image

• 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 samples in a single pass.

• Lever-actuated hopper permits even distribution of sample.

• Models with 4in, 2in, 1in, or 1/2in fixed chute widths.

Use Split-O-Matics for ores, crushed stone, coal or coke, sand and gravel, pellets, wood chips, and many other materials. Sample passes through three stages of riffle-type chutes in series for sample reduction to 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8. Patented V-bottom chute design centers material from one stage for exact division in the following stage. A fraction selection lever sets internal gate position to direct sample fraction to sample pan, balance to reject pan.

Models have integral lever-actuated sample hopper, painted baked finish, and pans size-matched to hopper capacity. Front panel doors open for inspection and cleaning. Made of heavy welded steel. Bottom flange is suitable for anchored or freestanding lab use, or for trailer-mounted field sampling.

Table below lists typical models choose standard 45° chute slopes (suitable for most applications). Steeper 60° slope models, as required for coal and coke, are ordered by adding "C" suffix to model numbers. The 60° splitters have approximately 20% greater height, are heavier and more costly, but recommended for low specific gravity materials or materials with a large fraction of fine powders.

Standard hopper capacity shown is suitable for many uses. Any model can be custom-ordered with special larger hopper and sample pans if needed. Other special lab model Split-O-Matics can be provided by adding hopper, stand and pans to in-plant sampling models described elsewhere. Such custom models might have four or more chute stages to give sample fractions of 1/32 and smaller, with or without a fraction selection gate to permit several sample fraction options. Inquire, describing exact needs, for special quotations.

In selecting a suitable model, choose a chute width at least twice material's topsize (3 times for coal or coke) to avoid bridging in the splitter, and to meet applicable ASTM sampling standards. If material has oblong pieces, 3 to 4 times topsize is recommended.

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