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The OPB916 and OPB917 families of Photologic® slotted optical switches, from Optek Technology, offer you various options enabling design flexibility. This flexibility includes choices of slot width, aperture, shell material, mounting configurations and lead spacing, or wires. An opaque plastic housing minimises the sensitivity to visible and near IR light. The OPB916 and OPB917 slotted optical switches feature a feep slow which offers longer reach of the optical path from the mounting plane. The parallel faces inside the slot are covered with an IR transmissive plastic or opaque plastic with an opening. The IR transmissive plastic is suitable for applications which require dust protection and the opaque is for applications that require maximum protection against ambient light. Suitable applications for the slotted optical switches include, mechanical switch replacement, speed indication, mechanical limit indication and edge sensing.
Output Device = Buffer, Open-Collector with 10K Pull-Up Resistor
Number of Channels = 1
Typical Rise Time = 50ns
Typical Fall Time = 50ns
Mounting Type = Screw Mount
Number of Pins = 5
Dimensions = 30.73 x 6.48 x 19.3mm
Height = 19.3mm
Length = 30.73mm
Maximum Operating Temperature = +80°C


Product Category
Photoelectric Sensors
Operating Temperature
176 F (80 C)
Body Shape
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